Our Approach

The Opportunity in Africa

Africa is now deemed to have one of the greatest investment potential of all frontier markets globally. It has the youngest, fastest growing population in the world and is now the continent with the fastest rate of urbanization.

This momentous opportunity in African markets is further compounded by improving risk profiles. Increasing political stability, decreasing government deficits and foreign debt, improving quality of governance, and growing strength of financial markets. We at Alpha Africa Asset Managers work towards translating the momentous opportunities available in African markets to deliver Alpha returns for our investors.

Investment Mission

We aim to achieve the following through our investments:

  • Raise the profile of Africa as an investment destination
  • Introduce alternative asset classes to the African Market
  • Raise the profile of African Investors
  • Promote SME growth through the implementation of best practice standards and improved governance standards
  • Promote sustainable economic and social growth

Investment Philosophy

As African entrepreneurs, we understand the great opportunity that Africa provides. Our experience of running, overseeing and investing in successful businesses enables us to identify and manage high potential, high growth companies, while mitigating the risks of operating in an emerging market. Africa is primed for long term economic growth and African frontier markets are a tangible opportunity for yield. Our investment strategy is driven by our promise to investors – In African frontier markets, attractive, risk-adjusted returns are closely aligned with investments with positive social and economic outcomes.

As a multi-asset class manager, our in-house research capabilities as well as tacit interaction with the local business environment provides us with an intimate understanding of market activities while being aware of the risks. At Alpha Africa Asset Managers, we contribute to the deepening of African financial markets and make Alpha returns for our investors possible by offering innovative products and services.

The Investment Strategy

Alpha Africa Asset Managers is focused on investments within the East Africa region.

The environment, within which we operate, while abundant with opportunity, is risky and unstructured. Our significant experience in the region enables us to deliver superior Alpha returns by identifying good investments while mitigating the risks involved.

Alpha provides the opportunity for diversification for its investors.

As a multi-asset class manager with bespoke advisory services, we provide opportunities for diversification which can be achieved across and within asset classes to minimize risk and benefit from differing economic cycles

Risk Management

We integrate risk management into the fabric of our investment strategy to protect the assets that we manage for our clients. Risk management is a central part of our strategic management and corporate culture. We consider risk management a continuous and developing process which runs through our strategies and procedures. Alpha understands that risks cannot be considered in isolation and identifies, analyses and mitigates risks within a framework of interacting risks. We therefore continuously improve our risk management processes in order to extract value from existing opportunities in a potentially ambiguous environment.


Our Financial Enterprise Software has the ability to manage our capability in our diverse and wide product and service offering. Our systems are seamlessly integrated as well as customized to permit efficient management and use of data. This provides necessary information that is simple, easy-to- understand, timely and transparent. As a result, our clients can effectively communicate.

Our systems therefore provide us with an enabling environment in which we can achieve both superior investment performance and exceptional service for our clients.