Alpha Africa Asset Managers Ltd is a multi-asset class investment company offering a wide range of investment solutions and services in Sub-Saharan Africa and globally to investors.

Incorporated in Kenya on March 22nd, 2012, we are an African-grown investment group firmly committed to creating investment opportunities for the continent, in a broad range of asset classes, creating wealth and enhancing social economic progress.

We have a client-focused integrated business model with superior investment performance being core to our service delivery. This enables us to offer our customers transparent and attractive opportunities for investment, wealth creation and lifestyle-enriching financial services.

Our Vision

To realise Africa's dream through wealth creation.

Our Mission

To enable our communities create wealth by providing diversified investment solutions that actualise their dreams. 

Our Values

  • Prudence: We uphold our duty of care over resources entrusted to us to protect against risk and analyse opportunities to ensure best returns.
  • Integrity: We are reliable, honest and transparent in our business practices to safeguard our stakeholders' interests.
  • Innovation: We are committed to consistently and creatively grow wealth through a wide range of dynamic and novel solutions.
  • Excellence: We embrace the principles of constant improvement and exceptional quality in our products and service delivery in order to surpass our stakeholders' expecttations.
  • Team Work: We are dedicated to the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders in order to enhance wealth accumulation and growth. 

Our Objectives

  • To capitalize on the growing investment opportunities within Africa.
  • Create and implement investment strategies across various asset classes ranging from government securities, real estate, listed securities, unquoted equity and more.
  • Generate superior returns for our clients and ensure financial security through prudent investments.
  • Widen access of financial planning products within the East Africa region.
  • Increase financial literacy through investor education.
  • Contribute to the deepening of financial markets through innovative products and services.


" Spot an opportunity , make a plan and run with it. I definitely had the right idea , in the right place , at the right time and I knew I could do it. I learnt from my mistakes , but still kept true to my vision. You need to have that kind of confidence to make these things work. Don'thang around waiting for things to happen.. "

Jason Njoku