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Our Values ETHICS

We are committed to cultivating integrity, trust and transparency in all our investment decisions.

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We drive our clients need for financial abundance with creative and novel investments that offer security, growth and sustainability.

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The definition of "Alpha"

  • Alpha a term derived from statistics and finance theory that is used to describe the return produced by a fund manager in excess of the return of a benchmark index.

    Manager returns and benchmark returns are the measured net of the risk-free rate. In addition, manager returns are adjusted for the risk of the manager’s portfolio relative to the risk of the benchmark index. “Alpha” is also known as "excess return" or "abnormal rate of return one of the most widely used measures of risk-adjusted performance. The number shows how much better or worse a fund performed relative to a benchmark. This difference is then attributed to the decisions made by the fund's management. Alpha is a proxy for manager skill.

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